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18:30 - 19:15

One of the originators of space rock, Hawkwind, join us. Formed in 1969, Hawkwind are true innovators and their live performances are famously ambitious.

The success of trademark single “Silver Machine” financed their famous ‘mind blowing’ themed tour, entitled ‘Space Ritual’. This show set the precedent for all future Hawkwind shows. The band’s wealth of creative talent, including contributions from the likes of sci-fi author Michael Moorcock, poet and visionary Bob Calvert, designer ‘Barney Bubbles’and lighting engineer ‘Liquid Len’ created the world’s first truly multimedia touring roadshow. The barrage of light, sound, dance and theatrics has since become a hallmark of all subsequent Hawkwind shows, making each gig a unique and spectacular event, rather than ‘another standard rock concert’.