Live Music

Kamaal Williams

Corona Sunsets

20:30 - 21:30

Kamaal Williams is the latest project led by prolific South London artist Henry Wu.
As the mastermind behind Yussef Kamaal, Wu released a landmark album for British jazz with 2016’s
Black Focus. This latest collective continues the tradition of fusing jazz with the sound of urban London, with a live show that captures all the raw energy for which Wu has become known.
The idea was formed after Wu and McKenzie, who’d first gigged together in 2010, played a show in
Belgium in 2017. After a long hiatus and without any rehearsal, the pair instantly reignited a spark which

inspired the creation of the ensemble, and the album ‘2.0’ soon followed.

The album is the debut release on Black Focus Records, a new musical outlet for Wu’s community of
friends and collaborators who currently have the world’s attention locked onto the capital. Releases
from London’s underground movement are set to follow.