Nadine Shah

Armed with a uniquely rich and soulful voice which, paired with her effortlessly eloquent and arresting lyrics, has earned Nadine Shah an early reputation as a rising, uncompromising talent. The mesmerising singer has constantly challenged her listeners, exploring and dissecting taboo subjects in a graceful and sincere manner.

Her first album, Love Your Dum And Mad, released in 2013 and produced by Ben Hillier, was largely inspired by the taboos around mental health, her own struggle with chronic anxiety, and the tragic deaths of two very close friends who had lost their lives to mental health illnesses- the record’s artwork was taken from the paintings of one of these talented young men, and the lyrics expertly dissect the social stigmas preventing the discussion of such topics.

One month later, Nadine released her own second album, the captivating and gritty Fast Food. The record saw Nadine exchange her piano for a guitar, a bolder and more confident offering, turning her focus to the ending of relationships and experimenting with a well-traversed topic in unconventional ways, turning the “break-up album” on it’s head. Once again the album was highly praised by critics.

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