Subajah stands out musically by creating a melodic universe imbued with poetry and emotion. Inspired by oral tradition, as well as African and Caribbean rhythms, which nurtured him from a young age. He has developed his multi-influenced style, a deep sound built on original compositions which is often refer to as “Deep Roots Reggae”.

Constantly in search of development and surrounded by brilliant musicians, Subajah has written and composed a lot during the last couple of years. Having successfully created his own musical identity, he has become one of the most promising artist of his generation. This led him to join the collective ‘’Vibes and Pressure’’ founded by Natty, in which continue to polish his style and evolve in the British Reggae scene.

Subajah loves to discover, innovate and create while keeping that essence that defines him. His touching voice, pertinent lyrics and spiritual energy define this artist. He delivers to his audience conscious messages, full of hope, love and positive vibrations. His vibrant and mystical music is an invitation to reflexion and meditation.