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NOW Live Events Presents: The Art of Mindfulness – Waking Up Through the Body

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NOW Live Events Presents: The Art of Mindfulness – Waking up Through the Body

Many of us would love to experience the benefits of mindfulness but struggle to integrate the traditional practices into our everyday lives and everyday movements. In this interactive workshop, neuroscientist, clinical psychologist and leading mindfulness expert Dr. Tamara Russell and NOW Live Events present a radical new approach to mindfulness that takes it off the cushion and into the body. Through a mixture of cutting edge neuroscience, martial arts theory, psychology and practical movement exercises, you will have the opportunity to rest and restore your body and mind with a moving exploration of mindfulness. Mindfulness can be in every move you make, join us to find out how…..

About Dr Tamara Russell

Dr Tamara Russell PHD, D.CLIN PSYCH is a neuroscientist, author, clinical psychologist, martial arts expert and leading mindfulness trainer. She has helped people all around the world transform their lives using her groundbreaking mindfulness techniques. Tamara works as an academic, clinician and consultant – teaching groups and individuals in the public and private sector. Her clients include NHS trusts, arts organizations, professional athletes, businesses, teachers, artists, lawyers, journalists, parents and students.

Tamara is also involved in international research investigating how mindfulness changes the structure of the brain. She lectures in neuroscience and mindfulness at Kings College London, has been in dialogue with his Holiness the Dalai Lama, and speaks regularly on mindfulness around the globe, appearing both on stage and radio. Her book, ‘Mindfulness in Motion’, is a guide to how to integrate mindfulness into every movement and every moment of your life.

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About NOW Live Events

Here at NOW, we explore what makes us feel truly alive, creative, thriving and mindful. We create and host experiences which invite you to connect deeply with your true essence and with the present moment.  We believe that when you make the present moment — instead of the past and future — the focal point of your life, your ability to enjoy life soars and real transformation occurs. Many of us know that mindfulness is scientifically proven to help us deal with stress, anxiety and to bring more focus among many other benefits. At NOW, we explore how we can creatively bring that wisdom into every moment of our day. We offer the space to step beyond the daily routine, to take stock and come back into life feeling full, fresh and joyful.

NOW has run a monthly programme of self-development events in London with Psychologies Magazine for the last 5 years, as well as regular retreats at West Lexham and beyond and numerous festival programmes; 12 full festivals bridging creativity and wellbeing since 2013 and over 500 events to the general public with some of the UK’s most inspiring facilitators, from Ruby Wax and Oliver Burkeman to new and emerging artists.

“I hope we see a lot more of NOW Live Events. It centres people that are otherwise scattered, it is the yin to the yang and gives things a weight. What a great launch!” – Ruby Wax

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