Live Music

The Horrors

Main Stage

15:50 - 16:20

Most bands spend their early years desperately fighting to build a following who love them for doing one particular thing. Having finally achieved that, very few bands are willing to risk alienating that following by ditching that thing, and switching to a completely different path. But there are very few bands like The Horrors.

They burst onto the scene in 2007 with debut album Strange House, but it was sophomore release Primary Colours that earned the best reviews of their career to date: a rich kaleidoscope of neo-psychedelic shoegaze and drone-rock, displaying a musical ambition and imagination with which very few observers had hitherto credited the band.

Now on fifth album V,┬áThe Horrors’ music has become expansive enough to fill the wide open spaces in its own right, without riding anyone else’s coat-tails. Don’t miss The Horrors at Citadel.