Wonder Fools

“This is what you look like… No longer donning the floral print bow tie combo, No longer staggering into Bongo This is a new night with a new eclectic, electric, aesthetic You will not be made to feel pathetic with a cheshire grin; sleeping in the clothes you went out in”

‘This Is What You Look Like’ is a performance installation where the audience becomes the poet. Passers by are invited to sit down and converse with our performers, the conversation quickly turns to their stories, the atmosphere and the festivals beating pulse.

All the while the performers quietly extract eclectic phrases, unusual words and the experiences of audience members to create something unique, unexpected and personal. Created in front of them is a poem. A poem of their own words, transferred from the typewriter onto a sticker. The poem is performed aloud and gifted to the audience member to do with as they please.

Some choose to wear the sticker loud and proud to be seen by all; others choose to keep it on the label, safe and treasured. ‘This Is What You Look Like’ is an event/festival based installation for all ages, and all kinds of environments. Our installation is malleable and adaptable to the different contexts we take it to, both aesthetically and thematically – we have previously performed in night clubs, street parties, flats, theatres and festivals.

This installation was initially developed with the National Theatre of Scotland’s LEARN department for their site-specific performance “Tales from The Mall”,