Guerilla Science presents: Cosmic Lunchbox

Take your taste buds on an intergalactic trip to discover what humans might eat if we lived space.

Lift-off on a journey to an exoplanet to consider what our diet might look like in space. The journey starts on-board Guerilla Science Galactica, inside the kitchen on the spaceship. We’re heading into space, what can we eat on the way? Collect a lunch bag, to share in pairs, and discover space food ingredients such as huel, algae, insects. Taste these and find out how food is designed for space travel, and the effects of eating in microgravity such as floating ingredients. When we arrive on the exoplanet you will be tasked with setting up a farm, to explore how vegetables could be grown, whether animals will still be a source of food, or if lab grown meat might become a vital option.