Live Music


DIY at Kopparberg Stage

19:30 - 20:00

Pumarosa is Isabel Muñoz-Newsome, Nicholas Owen, Tomoya Suzuki and Jamie Neville.

Isabel’s lyrics are emotionally and politically invested; they deftly paint tales of social coercion, feminine emancipation and the striving for release. The first offering  which came out to universal acclaim on Chess Club, Priestess itself proved a captivating introduction: a tale of reverence for some dark female form, an unusual calling card coming close to eight minutes, for one thing but this desire to operate outside a familiar band template proves to be fundamental to their ambitious and unpredictable debut album, The Witch.

The Witch delivers a collection of songs which channel the undercurrents of the present day: collectivism, frustration, euphoria, feminism, politics, aggression, and love. Few new acts combine art, thought, sound and visuals quite like this, though for Pumarosa everything goes hand-in-hand.