Programme Items: Arts & Ideas

Science Camp

The Science Camp returns to Citadel for the second year with an out-of-this-world programme of fun workshops, silly experiments, and stand-up comedy to expand your mind. Made up of guest speakers, scientists, artists and acclaimed institutions.

Science Museum


Science Museum presents: A journey into cyberspace From cryptic messages to code breaking, expect lots of puzzles and hands-on activities as we explore how we can protect ourselves and our privacy while more and more of our world goes online.

Guerilla Science

The sky’s no limit! Prepare for an intergalactic life with Guerilla Science.

Cosmic Lunchbox


Guerilla Science presents: Cosmic Lunchbox Take your taste buds on an intergalactic trip to discover what humans might eat if we lived space. Lift-off on a journey to an exoplanet to consider what our diet might look like in space. The journey starts on-board Guerilla Science Galactica, inside the kitchen on the spaceship. We’re heading… Read more »

Space Yoga with the UK Space Agency


Guerilla Science presents: Space Yoga with the UK Space Agency Stretch like an astronaut and take part in a cosmic yoga class with the UK Space Agency Space yoga is a class with a cosmic twist, hosted by a qualified yoga instructor and a UK space scientist. Prepare for your own solo mission to space… Read more »

Q&A with Andrew Kuh from UK Space Agency


Guerilla Science presents: Q&A with Andrew Kuh from UK Space Agency An intrepid space explorer, we chat to Andrew about what his job as the head of international spaceflight policy for the UK Space agency involves. Take part in a 15 minute Q&A session between Andrew and a Guerilla Science Host, to  delve into the… Read more »

Space Pub Quiz


Guerilla Science presents: Space Pub Quiz Test your knowledge of the cosmos in quick fire rounds, which team will soar into space and win the prize? Space Quiz Maestro leads guests in teams through 20 quick fire questions to uncover weird and wonderful facts about space. Teams are named after space shuttle  missions, such as… Read more »

Sunday Papers Live

COMEDY SPECIAL EDITION Sunday Papers Live brings the broadsheets to life – section by section, performance by performance. For this Special Edition SPL will be creating a comedy edition packed full of satirists and stand-ups, and capped off with a live musical performance courtesy of Sofar Sounds. Let’s not pretend that once you’ve bought the… Read more »

Tez Ilyas – World News

Tez Ilyas

Slick, smart, typically subversive and armed with his trademark cheek Tez is a celebrated rising star in British Comedy.

Phil Wang – Opinion

Phil Wang

He has made a name for himself (that name being Phil Wang) plumbing the depths of his mixed British-Malaysian heritage and exploring the spicy worlds of sex and romance, to the cool streets of morality and the modern sense of self. Delight in his unique Wang brand of smart/silly stupidity.